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MODELS:   I am retired and no longer hiring models.

DVDs and VIDEOS:  DVDs are region-free and play in all countries.  Some of the early JE Series videos are available from Harmony Concepts.   Only the videos currently offered in this website are available at this time from Jay Edwards.   Dominic Wolfe's DVDs are available at his website dominicwolfe.com

BLU-RAY DVDs:  These Blu-ray DVDs are designed to play in home theater systems featuring a Blu-ray player.   Computers with a Blu-ray player should be able to play these DVDs but such use is not guaranteed.   Microsoft Windows 98SE, Me, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista or Windows 7 users may want to download the Media Classic Player at mpc-hc.sourceforge.net or the GOM player at www.gomlab.com.

DVD ORDER DISCOUNTS:  Order 10 or more DVDs in a single order and receive 1 DVD free in addition to your order (11 DVDs total).  Please email jay@jayedwards.com for more information BEFORE YOU ORDER.  No other discounts are offered.

MAIL ORDERS:  DVDs may be ordered through the mail by using the Mail Order Form.   The Photo Site may be joined by using the Photo Site Order Form.

SHIPPING:  All orders ship through the USPS system.  ORDERS ARE MAILED OUT THE NEXT BUSINESS DAY from receipt of your order -- many orders are mailed the same day they are received.

Shipping within the US is $3.00 PER ORDER -- no matter how many DVDs in your order.   These orders are sent via First Class Mail (2-3 days for delivery). 

International orders are $13.00 PER ORDER -- no matter how many DVDs in your order.   International orders are sent via International First Class Mail (10-14 days for delivery).   A customs form is required for all international orders and will be attached to the package.

MEMBERSHIP  CANCELLATION:  To cancel a credit card membership to the Archive Photo Site, simply let us know at least TWO days prior to the renewal date of your membership.    CLICK HERE TO CANCEL

MANAGE YOUR ACCOUNT:  Manage account or reset/recover passwords here: ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT.

TECHNICAL HELP:  To receive technical help with streaming services or other technical issue, use this link to open a support ticket with the technical staff:    OPEN SUPPORT TICKET HERE.

EMAIL:   Comments and ideas regarding this site, my work, and the models are welcome.   Technical concerns with video streaming or other website matters should be sent to this link: OPEN SUPPORT TICKET HERE.  

GAGS and LEATHER RESTRAINTS:    Jay Edwards fashions his own custom-made leather restraints and gags -- sorry, these items are not for sale.  I will point you to sub-shop.com as they seem to have some nice stuff.

jayedwards.com:   All models are 18 years of age or older with appropriate documentation on file.   Custodian of Records: Jay Edwards, 611 Poinsettia Av, Clearwater, FL 33767 The depiction of bondage and captivity contained in this site is purely consensual and meant to portray activities between enlightened adults and is presented for its educational and entertainment value.   Do not attempt to re-create the scenarios contained in this site without proper training and safety precautions.   We assume no responsibility for any actions which may arise from the attempted re-creation of these images and remind you that a willing partner is too valuable to misuse.  Comments made on this website about the models and their behavior do not necessarily represent their actual behavior.

COPYRIGHTS:    All images and content in this site are copyrighted and may not be redistributed or used in any way without the expressed written permission of jayedwards.com and/or Jay Edwards.   Posting of any part of these images to newsgroups or other sites may result in possible civil and criminal prosecution.

Credit Card Billing:  Bond Group Ltd.
Transaction currency is in United States Dollars (US$).  
For billing questions or customer service please e-mail  jay@jayedwards.com or call 619-606-4321

Refund Policy:  To request a refund, e-mail your electronic receipt of purchase (sent via email to all customers who purchase any product) to jay@jayedwards.com with a detailed explanation of your refund request.

Consumer Data Privacy Policy:  Jay Edwards does not share, sell, distribute, re-distribute, transfer, or convey any customer information to any other company, or individual for any reason.  All sales are processed on a cold fusion secure server and all records are deleted after each transaction has been posted.  If you have any questions about our Consumer Privacy Policy please e-mail us at:  jay@jayedwards.com   

If you have questions regarding any of the following: The goods and services being offered on this site, how your credit card will be billed, our refund policy, the transaction currency, our legal restrictions, our Consumer Data Privacy Policy, or our Secure Method for the Transmission of Payment Data, you may e-mail us directly at:  jay@jayedwards.com.  

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